Monday, 1 September 2008

Crossbills & Wheatear

0700-0830hrs - Again a typical gloomy fogged out autuminal early morning with vis down to 100 yards at times (click here). Nothing much going through:
Birds: Crossbill (2) paired and went local to Duckworth Clough Plantings. Pied Wagtail (1)S, Meadow Pipit (22) 17 blogging and then W & 6S, Robin (1) young still in juvenile plumage, Kestrel (1) probably local. Wheatear (1) on wall within 100 yards of Panopticon .... It is also now confirmed that per Saturday's indications - 95% of the Higher Lane Swallows have now left...
Birds: Meadow Pipit (1) straight through S. Goldfinch (2) probably local, Linnet (2)
Insects: Small Tortoiseshell B (1) near Kirkhill Tollbar House. Green Veined White B (1).
Flora-Fungi. Vermillion Waxcap (Hygrocybe miniata) in field Kirkhill (click to see photo), (2) A 4" approx dia White Fungi Not identified yet (click here to see photo) (3) Small Brown Mushroom - Nr. Panopticon Not identified yet (click here to see photo)
Flora: Today I found what I think are 2 separate plants of Japanese Knotweed (click here to see photo)