Friday, 26 December 2008

Nearby Cribden = "Cridden" = (Hill of Stags)

Walk on Laund Hey and Cribden.. Photos show: 1) a moss on Cribden side. 2 & 3) Traditional "Haslingden Flag" stone fencing on Laund Hey - this type of fencing has always been a uncommon type of fencing, which has been used in these parts and would have been made from the local flagstones available from the nearby quarries - some of these are at least 6ft x 5ft in size, (and thats whats showing above the earth, so there is probably another 2ft plus below ground). I can only think of one other other example of this type of fencing around these parts which are situated on Helmshore Road opposite York Avenue, but I am sure there are lots of other examples within Rossendale. 4) This photo is showing the damaged "Beacon" which has long since fallen over and is placed at the very end of Cribden. 5) This is a Cladonia type of lichen found on the sides of Cribden found closeby to the moss already shown in photo 1. 6) This pond is on top of the Cribden Hill, and I have flushed many a rare bird from within its margins.. the last bird I had here was a Green Sandpiper about three years ago..

Tramping on this Hill will always bring back some happy childhood memories, when on one occasion over 50 years ago, I remember coming back over the Cribden Hill from either a days fishing on Pinner Lodge (above Crawshawbooth) or birdwatching in Brooks Wood, can't remember which but it was certainly becoming dusk and whilst on the Haslingden side of Cribden, all at once there seemed to be such a "explosive" cackle from under my feet which frightened the living daylights, and a Red Grouse flew off from that very place, followed by about 12 little grouse chicks which seemed to be running off in all directions. I quickly made my exit..