Friday, 26 December 2008

Billy Suet's Song by Major David Halstead....

Bodle un Mischief un Poncake un me
One Setthurday mornin’ went out for a spree;
Four lasses we met uz were goin’ up th’ Slate-
Thur wur Sarah un Mary un Martha un Kate.

They lived wi’ the’r feyther up on th’ Cribden Side,
He’d work’d up o’ th’ farm whol the’r shuttle they plied,
“They’s all hev the’r looms,” th’ owd feyther said,
“When they leave Cribden Side for to goo un get wed.”

Well, aw needed a loom, un aw needed a wife,
For aw’d getten reifth stauled ov a bachelor’s life;
Un Mischief un Bodle un Poncake all said
They’d bin long enough single – they’d goo un get wed.

“Well, Sarah,” aw sed, “aw’m beawn to ha’ thee”;
“Aw’m too fond o’ Mischief,” sed Sarah to me,
“Un aw’m promis’t a good pair o’ looms when aw wed” –
“By gum, Sal, aw’ll tak’ un un thee,” Mischief sed.

Well, then aw axed Martha if hoo’d cooart wi me –
“When tha hesn’d a Bodle to bless thisel wi!” –
Soa Bodle took this uz a hint to propose;
An’ a foine pair o’ looms un Martha aw lose.

Soa Mary un Kate were soon left by thersel,
One day we see’d Kate fotchin’ wayter fro’ th’ well,
Then Poncake un me booath together did strike:
“Aw ne’er cared for Suet, but Poncake aw like!”

Well, Moll un her looms they wur booath still to let,
Un id worn’d very long afore Mary aw met;
Aw wor twistin’ a warp in th’ owd spinnin’ rooms;
Neaw aw’ve getten th’ feawst lass un th’ wo’st pair o’ looms.

This poem/song was performed by a great late friend of mine from the 60s Harry Boardman of Middleton and he included it on the Compilation album "Owdham Edge"...