Friday, 25 July 2008

Small Tortoishell Butterfly - 1st this Summer

This last couple of days seem to have produced many Greenfinch mainly flying about in pairs, but plenty of them (teens to score)....a few Meadow Pipits on the margins, and possibly some gathering taking place on the walls... About 4 Swifts flying above the Slate, but still seeing a large party of about 20 birds on my way up to Slate which are without doubt the Haslingden Central main contingent.. 2 calling Willow Warblers, Blackbird, Robin, Linnet. Click on images to see Supersize image
Insects: Small Tortoishell Butterfly feeding on Ragwort (Hurray!!! first this Summer) Large Skipper (5) (See photo), Meadow Brown (12) Large White (3), Also a small white butterfly but unable to confirm which species... Black Bean Aphids just under the head of the "Creeping Thistle" (see photo) gave the appearance that the flower had been burnt... lots of them on several flowers in the same area- same place on flower - a inch or so under the flowerhead... also Cicadella Viridis (Turqoise Leafhopper)